Catalog No.
Publisher, Description
BK102 a reader's guide to Dylan Thomas William York Tindall The author, William Tindall, Professor of English at Columbia University, a personal friend of Dylan Thomas, provides an interpretive review of each of Thomas's poems from the American edition of 'The Collected Poems'
BK103 The Colour of Saying, An anthology of Verse Spoken by Dylan Thomas ed. Prof. Ralph Maud and Aneirin Talfan Davies Poems which were favorites of Welsh writer Dylan Thomas, collected from a BBC Radio series
BK105 O Canada, An American's Notes on Canaidan Culture Edmund Wilson Comments on some of the peculiarities of life in Canada, seen through an American's eyes
BK107 Two paperbacks - '1984' and 'A Short History of the World' George Orwell;
H.G Wells
Two classic paperbacks, in good condition, from Pegiun and Pelican books respectively
BK108 Mexico City Photographs by Bob Schalkwijk From the 'Famous Cities of the World' series by Spring Books of London, a photographic tour of Mexico City
BK109 DIANA, Princess of Wales Nicholas Courtney Illustrated tale of the life of Princess of Wales, mainly in 1980-82, from her first meeting with Charles to the Royal Wedding.  Extensively illustrated throughout.  80 pages, soft cover, 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches
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